Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Capital Baptist Association

Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values

Vision Statement:

Capital Baptist Association: A network of Southern Baptist Churches who fulfill the Great Commission locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally through missions, evangelism, ministry, fellowship, and discipleship.

Mission Statement:

Capital Baptist Association exists to assist, encourage, and resource member churches in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Core Values:

  • God’s Word – We resolutely embrace the Bible as foundational and formative to our mission.
  • God’s Mission – We will follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit by joining God in His mission to restore humanity to Himself through Jesus Christ.
  • Doctrinal Integrity – We support the Southern Baptist doctrinal statement outlined in the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.
  • The Local Church – We enthusiastically acknowledge that God’s mission was given to the local church and that the association exists to serve the church in fulfilling His mission.
  • Pastoral Leadership – We will encourage and support the pastor of the local congregation.
  • Fellowship – We will encourage friendship and unity within the associational family, recognizing that godly fellowship promotes trust.
  • Cooperation – We will partner together for the sake of God’s mission, believing that together we can accomplish more than any of us could accomplish alone.
  • Intentionality – We will continually evaluate our culture in order to implement creative and effective approaches to accomplish our mission.
  • Financial Integrity – We will actively monitor and distribute associational resources with integrity.
  • Excellence – We will give the very best of our efforts and endeavors to the service of our Savior.
  May 2021  
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