(CBA) Colorado Partnership Agreement


Leadership teams
    Harry Black and Jeremy Smith (www.cbaokc.net)

                HCBA: Kent Osteen and Randy Whitley  (www.highcba.org)   

Purpose:     The purpose of this partnership is to assist the churches of High Country Baptist Association and the churches of Capital Baptist Association to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Time Frame:  The partnership will be for a period of three years beginning January 1, 2014 with an extension possible if agreed to by both associations.


        1.    To pray for one another and the work of the partnership.

        2.    To discover needs and explore and implement ways in which selected needs may be met cooperatively.

        3.    To create and enhance relationships between the individual church bodies from and within the cooperating associations.

        4.    To participate in the growth of God’s Kingdom.


        1.    The partnership coordinators for both associations will be the primary contacts for communicating needs and resources.

        2.    The volunteers will be responsible for travel expenses, lodging, food, etc.  When possible, HCBA churches will help find or provide housing and/or some meals for volunteer teams.

        3.    CBA will be responsible for enlisting volunteers.

        4.    The churches of HCBA will be responsible for sending guidelines and necessary information on the projects plus providing on-the-field orientation for the volunteers.

        5.    The CBA Partnership Missions Coordinator shall work closely with the HCBA Partnership Missions Coordinator to provide the best possible results.

        6.    Partnering churches should cooperate to identify the purpose, objectives, goals, and timelines of specific projects.

        7.    The churches of both associations are encouraged to form church-to-church partnerships.

        8.    One goal of the partnership is to develop relationships for Kingdom growth.  While financial partnerships may come out of fulfilling relationships, financial assistance should not be viewed as a primary goal of the partnership.


        1.    The HCBA Partnership Missions Coordinator informs, encourages, and enlists churches to develop project requests for volunteers from CBA to assist them in fulfilling their mission.

        2.    HCBA churches submit completed project requests to the HCBA Partnership Missions Coordinator or his designee. 

        3.    The HCBA Partnership Missions Coordinator sends project requests to the CBA Partnership Missions Coordinator.

        4. The CBA Partnership Missions Coordinator enlists churches to fill requests.

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